The appropriate title, actually, would be "Let me get it answered here before you even ask it.". Admittantly, a lot of these questions haven't even been asked (probably because of my lack of fans...HURR), but I like to cover my bases anyway....that and I get bored and needed site filler. *clasps hands together* Righty-O. On with the show.

So what is this comic trying to be? Your soapbox for PETA?

I didn't go into this having a soapbox for anything in mind at all. Rainbow's End is simply a story....I try to keep my own views and opinions out of it as much as possible and just let it unravel as the characters develop themselves. The fact, for example, that Nick works at an animal shelter and doesn't enjoy it is simply his take on it. I am not trying to run propaganda of any sort. (Trying being the key word here...if it seems like I'm trying to brainwash my readers with something, let me know.....and just for the record, I hate PETA.)

You're telling, what I'm guessing is attempting to be, a serious story yet you're using goofy cartoon animals for it. Why?

You want the truth? Because goofy cartoon animals are my forte. I could probably do this entire thing with people instead, but given I can't draw people for shit, it would come out a lot less legible than it currently is (some would say its already pretty damn hard to decipher, but hey, I never claimed professionalism). So if you can allow yourself to see past the fact that you'd like to see the main characters chasing each other around with mallets and falling off of cliffs with comical whistling sounds, you just might find this comic a good read :)

Why do you draw such horrible anatomy?

Because I am a horrible artist...I just have a story to tell, that's all (which is probably equally horrible, now that I think about it....BUT I HAVE THE KEENSPACE ACCOUNT AND YOU DON'T SO NYEAH!!!! :D)

Is this comic somehow associated with the keenspace comic, Jack?

No. I happen to live with Jack's creator, but our comics aren't linked. My comic may feature a cameo of one or more of his characters in the strips to come and vice versa, but the original aim wasn't to make them intertwining works.

How come your work's not as good as Dave's?

If you want Dave's work, Spanky, go back to Jack. This be *MY* comic, dammit... o.o

Is Rainbow's End supposed to reflect yourself? I'm getting a lot of "conquered battles against the odds" vibes in here that could be based on your own life which is all-too-common in stories like this and cheapens them.

Rainbow's End does not reflect my own life in any way. Not unless you want to get petty and say that the portrayal of a character reaching his emotional rock bottom is reflective of my life (I believe all of us have hit emotional lows at some point...if not, consider yourself extremely lucky). Other than that, no. RE does its own thing.

Two of your main characters seem to highly resemble a certain other two main characters I've seen you draw for another site....coincidence?

The two characters in question are most definitely inspired by two other characters. I had, at one time, done a funnystrip for another source and became quite enamoured with the main characters in it and had invested quite a lot of time and energy into developing them. Since it seemed my lifestories for them were causing conflict with said source's PG-rating, I decided to channel my inspiration in another way (after securing permission to do so) to keep from locking horns with them. This way everybody stays happy.

If your previous strength was humor, why have you created such a depressing environment for your webcomic?

Basically this is my experiment with drama, just to see if I can pull it off. I'll have to rely on reader opinion to see if I succeed or fail, I guess.

Why don't you ever take the time to color your strips?

Because coloring is a pain in the ass for me. That and I think the story gets away with being in black and white just fine.

Can I color your strips for you?

If you want to, but given my current time constraints, please don't be offended if I don't have time to reupload the colored version to replace the previously black and white arc for a long time.

Why have you portrayed your only vixen character in such an unwholesome and stereotypical light?

Much in the way that Fido or Rover are presumed stereotypical names for dogs, yet you rarely, if ever, see a dog named Fido or Rover, Mandri is a stereotype of vixens that you often hear about, yet never see except in parody pictures. She is not one of the rare (and all-too-common anymore) exceptions who is a glasses-wearing aspiring Neurologist, yet loves a three foot cock in her ass only from her superendowed hermaphroditic donkey lover...she is just out-and-out bad. She is selfish, she is a sleep-around and she is a dyed-in-the-wool bitch. She has no redeeming qualities and is not covering up for some flaming inadequacy with her actions to hide a heart of gold.

Can I save your comic pages to my hard drive and redistribute them?

If you want to waste your hard drive space, knock yourself out. Though I'd imagine it might be easier to just send people to the site to see the pages for themselves instead of having to be the carrier.

I don't like where your story is going. Can I suggest some changes to lighten it?

If you want to that's fine, but I've got the story planned out from start to finish already so a sudden plot change is unlikely

Why are you beating up on Nick so much? Give him a break!

I'm not beating up on him...he's the central character of RE and is in a turmoil right now which he is too much of a mouse to get out of. Most of his consequences are ones he has brought upon himself and now he must get himself out. Call it tough love :)

Can I borrow one of your characters for my comic?

And spread the corruption? Are you mad?? o.o Yeah, you can borrow them if you like...all I ask is that you keep them relatively close to their intended character profiles. Meaning Mandri wouldn't be a nun, Rose wouldn't be a jaded poledancer, and Nick wouldn't be a flamboyant and bubbly gay guy in pink.

I really like (insert character here) and I was wondering if you could do a part in your comic where I get to date/sleep with/marry them?

Sorry, I've got everyone's role in mind already... ^^;

Okay, but could you do a stand-alone about it?

That we would have to discuss, I guess...

Do you accept fanart?

I do...I just don't expect to recieve any (I created the sidebar button because all other sites I've been to have one and I felt left out...*sniffle*)

What are your limitations for fanart?

Aside from extreme NC-17 or nasty fetish pictures, I really have no limitations. I just don't want the fanart to get so perverse that people have to bleach their eyes after viewing it, that's all.

Can I link to you?

If you'd like to, I don't see a problem with that.

Can I be in your comic as a cameo?

As of now, I have no cameos planned...if a need arises, I will likely use a friend or someone I owe a favor to.

Do you take guest strips?

Truthfully, I'd love guest strips...then I could run one of those esteemed guest weeks that I covet so dearly in other comics. ;)

Can we do an art trade sometime?

Why you'd want to waste your time on art from me escapes me, but if I have time, sure.