The author of Rainbow's End currently resides in a cardboard box behind the local Denny's and accepts offerings of Grand Slam Breakfast leftovers to subsist on. At night, when the managers have gone home and the waitresses are too busy dealing with the refugees of the latest goth revolt to notice, she sneaks into the back office and accesses the internet from their computer....

Well, not really. The truth, (un)fortunately, is much more mundane.

I am currently 21 years old the date I write this (February 12, 2003) and reside in Washington State. I am happily attached to David Hopkins (author and artist of Jack) and residing with him in our apartment (along with our cat, Lucifer, and our ferret, Gir). I've been drawing since an early age and have only recently taken an interest in cartooning. I am not a professional in any sense of the term and therefore I won't claim to be one...I draw to please myself and if others are pleased along the way then that's great.

My favorite pasttimes are the internet (I guess we'd have to take that into account, wouldn't we?), singing, listening to music, writing, and drawing (attempting to, at least).

Friends of mine have been poking me to start up a webcomic for months and, up till now I've lacked both the motivation and storyline but I've finally decided to piece something together and attempt to go with it. I get discouraged easily so if the strip takes occasional haituses, you'll have to excuse me.

I am a passive participant in the anthro fandom. I enjoy drawing animals and looking at others' drawings of animals, but I'm afraid I don't live and breathe them or believe that I am an animal trapped in the mundane form of a hy00man bean. While I don't especially LIKE people, I am aware of the fact I have been a human all my life and will continue to be one until the day I die. There's no inner wolf or fox crying to get out. If this fact irritates you, I am very sorry. There's the back button.

Fun (or lack thereof) Facts About Me

  • I'm a scorpio
  • I'm a nightowl
  • I collect My Little Ponies
  • My favorite colors are royal purple and sky blue
  • The most animals I've ever shared a house with at one time are 12 bloodhounds, 3 cats, a hooded rat, and 9 cecropia caterpillars (and a partridge in a pear tree).
  • For a short time I ran a largely-ignored webcomic known as Of Skunks And Frogs that still hides on VCL to this day
  • My greatest aspiration is to write a horror novel (aside from looking in the mirror and writing a physical description).
  • The longest I've ever stayed awake is 47 hours (while touring with a choir in Europe)
  • The worst job I've ever had was being a night security guard for a Hiatt car lot during which I had to circulate among 8 keys to feed my timeclock that I carried with me and I HAD to have a punch every 15 minutes. No sitting.
  • I've met Weird Al Yankovic in person
  • My favorite radio show is Loveline (used to be Lionel but the bastards took him off the air out here...)

    Pet Peeves

  • Alarm clocks
  • Uniforms
  • Being snuck up on
  • Sudden and unwelcome changes of plans
  • Narrow-minded jackasses
  • Pointless flamers (not to be confused with harsh critiquers, I don't mind those)
  • Phone Solicitors
  • Traffic
  • Constant nagging
  • Not being able to put a plan in motion because someone who's a key factor to them won't get off of his/her ass
  • Not being able to do anything useful to a current situation
  • Those days where nothing you do is right
  • People talking for my benefit (either say it to me directly or don't say it, but don't make it painfully obvious you're talking about me to someone else when I'm sitting three feet from you)
  • Having more expected of me than I'm capable of and then being called lazy when I can't reach the set expectations.